Allow me to Introduce myself...

During my professional career I have met with hundreds of patients and spoke to thousands more regarding their healthcare financial concerns and out of pocket responsibilities.​ Majority of those patients have one thing in common, they come to me after they have received a large bill for various reasons. They are unaware of how the billing system works, the details of their insurance benefits, available resources and what information they should have obtained prior to services. They are angry, discouraged, overwhelmed and even have feelings of helplessness because they have no idea how to proceed. 

I would always receive the same questions "Why didn't anyone inform me before I had this done?" or "How was I supposed to know this?" I never had a good enough answer until now.

I created The Wright Choice, LLC because of those reasons, because of those patients' and because I can finally help answer those questions. It is important to me that no patient refuses or delays their medical treatment due to financial fear. It is important to me that they no longer experience confusion, frustration or feelings of defeat due to the complexity of the healthcare system. 

It has become my mission to educate, inform and counsel patients and family members before any decisions are made, so they are equipped with the knowledge to make the best financial decision possible. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I truly look forward to meeting you soon!


Alisha-Monet Wright