Patient Education

Medicare Maneuvers

This session gives a detailed understanding on the most common misconceptions patients have and mistakes that are made that relate to Medicare such as; 

The correct way to sign up to avoid penalties

The difference between Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D 

Vaccines, when they are or are not covered

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

as well as SEVERAL other topics


Billing Basics

Overview of how the healthcare billing system works, why it is important for you to understand, how it affects your out of pocket expenses as well as how your insurance company processes your claims.


Insurance Initiation

This session goes over the basics of insurance, the most important information you should understand prior to selecting an insurance and seeking out a service, facility or provider.

It also details the 6 topics that have the most effect on what you will end up paying out of pocket and the common miss conceptions relating to them. 

  1. Deductible

  2. Co-insurance

  3. Co-pay

  4. Referral vs. Authorizations 

  5. HMO vs. PPO 

  6. In Network vs. Out of Network


Enrollment Assistance

The Wright Choice, LLC is certified by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a CMS-certified application counselor designated organization (CDO).

Business Meeting